Reinforce your Salesforce use

In order to fully support your quality (QRM) and compliance processes in relation to sales and delivery, we feature a simple and seamless integration with Salesforce allowing Opportunities, Accounts etc. to be updated once an assessment has been completed.

Account Approvals

Mitigate business risks by identification of potential illegal intentions and financial risks by enforcing account assessments with tasks such as identity verification (Know Your Customer - KYC), identification of conflicting relationships, independence issues and documentation requirements for full traceability.

Opportunity Approvals

This will allow organizations to setup barriers such as blocking certain opportunity stages before engagement approvals have been completed. Existing standard functionality will also enable benefits such as compliance reporting directly inside Salesforce using standard reports.

Quality management in delivery

Organizations in both the product and service sectors can benefit from Salesforce and QualForm in combination. Create scheduled project reapproval, or setup milestones in order to verify quality and identification of potential risks.

Custom Apps

If you have extended the standard functionality of Salesforce with custom apps, you will also have the ability to extend the platform capabilities, allowing you to reinforce various custom applications such as expense management, time registrations, vender applications etc.

Build and Design

A key element of the platform is our user- friendly Form Designer, which allows non-technical persons to design, build and test assessments in accordance with business policies.


Once feedback have been received, dynamic approval flows can be processed, allowing approvers to be assigned based on input received from the user or external systems and always respecting your policies and operating procedures.


Use conditional formulas such as engagements above a certain value, or with a specific type of service to dynamically execute actions, assign approvers or require additional documentation.

Actions & events

Use input as trigger for various types of actions such as outbound emails, approver requirements and field updates in external systems such as Salesforce.

Version control

Work more effectively by using the version control system, which allows you to roll-back to previous versions in case you find that the current published version is faulty. Beside rolling back and forth, you can clone an existing form for larger revisions, which can then be exposed to only sandbox environments.