A platform which adapts to your business

Put your users and management in control with our dynamic platform, which is easily tailored to your policies, operating procedures and requirements.

Benefit from

Insight and monitoring

Gain insight and be alerted when events arise which could impact the business performance, such as high-risk and high value engagements, quality issues or factors that can be seen as early warning indicators (EWI). Insight and monitoring will allow you and your organization to terminate, transfer, treat or tolerate business risk on the basis of a well- substantiated basis of information.

Alignment of information

The platform enables you to align information in order to ensure that the understanding and interpretation stays relevant and comparable. This ensures that the logic used to identify potential impact is processed correctly and is compliant in relationship with your governing business rules.

Compliance & Auditing

Build and implement dynamic processes with the aim of keeping employees, customers and partners happy, while increasing the compliance score. Streamline your processes and gain insight into the factors that might impact your business.

Built-in your existing processes and systems

Use your existing data as input and baseline for assessments and integrate the quality processes seamlessly in order to ensure user adoption, data quality and optimization of the working processes.

Key features


Once feedback have been received, dynamic approval flows can be processed, allowing approvers to be assigned based on input received from the user or external systems and always respecting your policies and operating procedures.


Use conditional formulas such as engagements above a certain value, or with a specific type of service to dynamically execute actions, assign approvers or require additional documentation.

Actions & events

Use input as trigger for various types of actions such as outbound emails, approver requirements and field updates in external systems such as Salesforce.

Version control

Work more effectively by using the version control system, which allows you to roll-back to previous versions in case you find that the current published version is faulty. Beside rolling back and forth, you can clone an existing form for larger revisions, which can then be exposed to only sandbox environments.


Assessments allows you to gather insight about initiatives and engagements within various business areas such as sales, procurement, customer management and general operational and strategic initiatives.

Assessments are dynamic questionnaires initiated manually or by an external application. The questionnaire can consist of questions, documentation requirements, etc. which are all dynamic, based on variables set by integrations or manually.

Once completed, dynamic approval flows can be processed, allowing approvers to be assigned based on input received from the user or external systems, while always respecting your policies and operating procedures.


As part of an assessment, one or more approvers can be assigned in order to review, attach further documentation and give their evaluation on the assessments as a whole. The platform supports various types of evaluations and the approver flows can be uniquely designed based on the result of the questionnaire and values from external systems, in accordance with each organization’s specific policies and operational procedures.

Once the necessary evaluations have been completed, the conclusions can be shared to external applications such as Salesforce, allowing the related account and opportunity to get its status changed.


The platform supports multiple active environments, allowing editors to securely publish new version of forms to isolated test environments (sandboxes) which can be integrated with external test applications. This will allow organizations to run tests and ensure that everything is working fine, before its make available for the remaining users.

Each environment can be uniquely integrated with your external services, allowing your sandbox environments to be integrated to your external sandbox/testing environments for more secure and reliable development processes and tests.


QualForm comes with a selection of security features such as roles - which control who can do what, and IP security which protects which persons can access which systems and APIs. For authentication, QualForm supports various external OAuth providers, allowing for secure and centralized authentication control as well as “just-in-time” (JIT) user provisioning for effective user maintenance and license control.