Digital craftsmen with business acument

For us, technology and business go hand-in-hand and we have a strong focus on building new features and applications that bring great value for our customers. Beside the core skills we, put great value in an international and diverse environment, since we believe that combining talents of various cultures and backgrounds makes for better products.

We founded QualForm with the vision of delivering solutions that enable organizations to obtain insight, knowledge and control of the business, without burdening the organization and sacrificing agility and adaptability. It is for us a key challenge to support dynamic business processes, enabling organizations to grow and evolve without exposing them to business, human and legislation risks.

The founding team have a sound background in management consulting and have through the years worked specifically in development of technology solutions with the aim of monitoring and managing business processes, for limiting risks and improving organizational and individual performance.

Vacant positions

We have currently no vacant positions, but we are always looking for new talent with an interesting and relevant background. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to contact us .

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