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QualForm develops technologies which allows organizations to design and implement processes that reinforce organizations by delivering assessments, approval flows and document requirements.

Maintaining the controls that govern your business should be the least of your worries. With QualForm, you get a platform that puts you in control by delivering unprecedented flexibility in how to model and design your control processes. The platform is designed to be intuitive, user- friendly and to deliver seamless integration with other business applications and therefore act as a natural extension.

QualForm enables companies to create dynamic assessments for qualifying and quantifying business- related activities, in order to gain insight into and unearth any potential risks that could impact the business. By choosing QualForm, organizations can limit potential risks relating to customer, engagement, financial and operations and ensure adequate insights are delivered to the management.

We founded QualForm with the vision of delivering solutions that enable organizations to obtain insight, knowledge and control of the business, without burdening the organization and sacrificing agility and adaptability. It is for us a key challenge to support dynamic business processes, enabling organizations to grow and evolve without exposing them to business, human and legislation risks.

We have a strong belief in formalized and documented processes, but have also at first hand experienced how the real world moves faster due to factors such as trends, technology and political climate. This can lead to scenarios where the IT systems are outdated and irrelevant, thereby “pushing” organizations towards non-compliance.

We believe the answer to this is by delivering software and solutions which put the end-users in the center, by acknowledging that formalized processes often are not what ‘get people up in the morning’, and therefore must solutions be user friendly, precise and available at the right time.

The founding team have a sound background in management consulting and have through the years worked specifically in development of technology solutions with the aim of monitoring and managing business processes, for limiting risks and improving organizational and individual performance.

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