Maintain compliance in dynamic environments

The internal and external factors that impact the performance and risks are undergoing transformation at an increasing pace, leading to the imperative that businesses have to adapt, while maintaining control.

Insight and monitoring

Gain insight and be alerted when events arise which could impact the business performance, such as high-risk and high value engagements, quality issues or factors that can be seen as early warning indicators (EWI).

Alignment of information

The platform enables you to align information in order to ensure that the understanding and interpretation stays relevant and comparable.

Compliance & Auditing

Build and implement dynamic processes with the aim of keeping employees, customers and partners happy, while increasing the compliance score.

An adaptable dynamic platform

The software is designed to give you the best ability to tailor processes in accordance with your needs and requirements. This will enable organizations to benefit in various scenarios and facilitate the support and strengthening of a wide range of processes.

Customer Acceptance & Approvals

Management of customers, their data and factors that can involve risks such as financial liabilities, documentation requirements, customer conflicts and independency issues: with QualForm, you can design assessment in order to mitigate all these types of risks by requiring the right documentation at the right time, and by screening for any potential conflicts that could lead to financial or reputational risks.

Quality Management

For both service and manufacturing, quality control and management are key factors when limiting risk and staying compliant in relation to contractual terms, legislation and avoiding reputational damage.

QualForm can seamlessly integrate and support your processes across various types of business, by enabling your organization to limit the risks during project delivery and manufacturing, by setting up documentation requirements, questionnaires, milestone approval flows and active monitoring of compliance and performance.

Opportunity & Contract Management

Evaluating and qualifying opportunities can be vital for many organizations in mitigating risks such as disadvantageous contract terms, conflicts and independence issues, high-risk customers and engagements which could lead to reputational damage. In order to mitigate these risks, engagements can be channeled through QualForm, where the relevant factors can be quantified in order to initiate specific approval flows with the aim of terminating or treating the risks.

Procurement & vendor selection

A critical element of any successful procurement process is avoiding risks due to conflicting interests and lack of proper evaluations. QualForm can help by supporting the procurement process by ensuring that the right approvals are obtained and that the process complies with governing requirements for documentation, mandates, policies and decision rights.